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My Favorite color is GREEN!

I build websites based off what you want and like. I like green, so I use a lot of green on my website. 🙂

About Studio Chad

I’m Chad Kraft and this is my studio. Studio Chad is a creative media agency that specializes in website design and video production. It is managed by one person, me. I know what you may be wondering: “Why do you call this an agency?” Agency is defined as “an establishment engaged in doing business for another“. (Thanks, Webster!) I am the establishment previously mentioned. I, Chad, was established in 1995 and this 22-year-old business does business with people, organizations, and businesses like you(rs). Studio Chad: an agency.

Story Time: Behind Studio Chad

It all started in 2009. I was an eighth-grader being “office-schooled” (it’s like homeschool but takes place in my dad’s office and I learned cooler things like how to start a business and sell insurance). I started a joke website and began selling ads on the pages. I generated probably $200 in revenue in a year, which was a nice chunk of change for someone with minimal expense. I worked with companies ranging from a magazine, a clothing store, an insulation company, and a local festival. After the success of Erk Derk, the name of my joke site for kids, I decided to professionally build websites starting with my dad’s website. I thought I was INCREDIBLE! For a 14-year-old, I was okay, but little did I know it would lead to a future in media production.

My website building business had many names. Computer Geeks (or Geekz? I don’t remember…) and 2Die4 Web Creators were two of the most memorable names, then finally, I adopted the name Kraft Productions (my last name is Kraft) and it seemed perfect. When I started Kraft Productions, I began to explore WordPress and LOVED it! Kraft Productions grew at a steady rate until my sophomore year of college and I decided to stop taking new clients. I wanted to evaluate how I’ve grown as a professional and to learn more skills.

I started new the second semester of my senior year under a new name: Studio Chad. Studio Chad encompasses everything I strive to be. A full-service creative media studio for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

What’s next?


Studio Chad changes the way businesses are run. Don’t worry about coming up with ideas, focus on your business.


Beautiful design from start to finish with Studio Chad.


It isn’t all about designing website, online marketing, and social media management. Studio Chad is about building lasting relationships.


Pretty websites are great and all, but you need a website that converts potential customers into paying customers. Studio Chad websites are conversion-centric.

Work and Play

Studio Chad maintains a healthy balance of work and play. It probably helps that the work is so enjoyable. I enjoy creating. It is truly what I enjoy most.

I hope you enjoy fun because that’s what Studio Chad is. FUN!