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Visit my new website: CHADKRAFT.COM

Studio Chad is a company I created for my freelancing business, but I wanted to keep things simple and freelance under my real name. Please visit the new website to learn more about how I can help your business.

UPDATED Jan 21, 2018

Focused on You

Studio Chad is focused on you. Each project has been a wonderful experience that has built lasting relationships.

A Message from our Sponsors. Um, er... Clients!

“As someone who has never had a personal website, I had no idea where to begin when promoting my photography business. Chad not only did much of the work for me, but he taught me how to troubleshoot and post on my own. He gave me creative liberty and helped bring my website plans to life. Chad made every effort to make the job easier for me and the end result is something I’m truly proud to show my clients!”

Macy Pate

Owner, Macy Pate Photography

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